My name is Barbara Lang-Lyras Auffret, owner of “Heroes of the World Trade Center, No Greater Love” web site. These stories are of the brave and courageous acts of those men and women, both civilians and those working for the City Agencies:  Fire, Police, Transit, Sanitation, the State Office of Court Administration, etc. who both survived the collapse and gave the ultimate sacrifice on 911.

During the process of conducting interviews for the book with survivors from all walks of life, the significance of what I heard and saw became quickly apparent. The magnitude of the historical aspect of this attack has driven me to accurately record all I could about the courage of ordinary men and women who displayed super human strength and conviction.

Within these pages you will see a small sampling of what I have discovered. In depth interviews and pictures will be displayed within the book "Heroes of the WTC, No Greater Love"

Thank you to all who have shared their experience with me. I could see how difficult it was to relive the hell you have had to endure. This was truly a heart wrenching experience that NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET...

As should be, most of the Rescue Publicity during and after the attack has been directed to the Fire Department, Police Department and Port Authority Police. They sustained numerous loss of life in the line of duty.

But, we must also remember that if not for the combined effort of other City and State Agencies in addition to Every Day Civilians the loss of life in general would have been astronomical.

The Bravery of ALL of the above Heroes and Heroines in the face of disaster has saved many a life. Here are some of the Rescue and Eyewitness Stories

Additionally, while you are on this site, please take advantage of viewing many of the memorials built to honor those loved ones who were lost on September 11, 2001.

I am presently filming memorials around our great nation which we plan to entitle "Our Nation Remembers, September 11th"

If you have a memorial you would like us to include in our film or on our website please e-mail me at:



Video Reflection on the heroism of 9-11-201 First Responders



 Please enjoy this short program that aired on public television about the Eagle Rock 911 Memorial
located in New Jersey. Artist & creator Patrick Morelli explain details on creating this magnificent memorial.





September 11 '08 Ground Zero


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